Holidays in April and May

The official Cuddly online store is closed on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. You can still place orders, but please note that we are unable to respond to emails or phone calls or ship products.

<Closed days in April 2024>

・April 21 (Sunday)
・April 24th (Wednesday)
April 27 (Saturday)
・April 28th (Sunday)
Monday, April 29th - Showa Day

<May 2024 Holidays>

May 1 (Wednesday)
・May 3rd
(Friday) Constitution Memorial Day ・May 4th (Saturday) Greenery Day ・May 5th (Sunday) Children's Day ・May 6th ( Monday ) Holiday according to Article 3 , Clause 2 of the Holidays Act
May 8 (Wednesday)
May 11 (Saturday)
May 12th (Sunday)
May 15th (Wednesday)
May 18th (Saturday)
May 19th (Sunday)
May 22 (Wednesday)
May 25 (Saturday)
May 26th (Sunday)
May 29th (Wednesday)