Somegoro and Pleasant Friends

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Nice friends of Montmartre

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Somegoro and Pleasant Friends

This is a series of pleasant friends living in the Minato Ward... 

Nice friends of Montmartre

A series of wonderful friends living in Montmartre, France. 

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if translated into Japanese

"Cute enough to hug"

not just a thing

like a real pet

Be cute.

we are that

Considering the essence of stuffed animals,

We put that thought into the brand name.

  • "Made in Japan" stuffed animals

    The stuffed toy is originally

    Designed from "cloth".

    However, times have changed, and mass production of stuffed animals overseas has become mainstream.

    It is now designed and made with only colors and shapes centering on characters.

    We believe that texture and feel are the most important things for stuffed animals.

    Starting with the selection of materials,

    I try to express the adorable expressions and gestures of the animals that are the motifs to the maximum.

    In addition, the unique manufacturing method unique to Japanese craftsmen is used to carefully finish each piece down to the smallest detail.

    In recent years, the domestic manufacturing industry is facing an increasingly severe environment. Plush toys are no exception.

    Even so, as long as there are materials and manufacturing techniques that are not suitable for overseas production, we will stick to Japanese-made stuffed toys and want to deliver high-quality Japanese-made stuffed animals that will be loved by our customers for a long time.