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Cuddly is a Japanese stuffed cat brand produced by Nobuyuki Karaki, the representative director and art director of Noside Co., Ltd.

" We want to deliver stuffed animals that will be loved for a long time and never get tired of, with designs that foster the creativity of small children and can be appreciated by adults. ”With that in mind,
The materials are carefully selected for comfort, feel, and texture, and are created using the careful techniques of Japanese craftsmen.

The brand name has the meaning of ``so cute that you want to hug it,'' and each of the cat (stuffed animals) created has a unique profile.

This time, we will talk with [Somegoro and his cheerful friends] who live in the Minato Ward area.
On behalf of the wonderful friends of Montmartre who live in France,
we would like to introduce the profiles of Somegoro, Pinkerton, Jingoro, Sakurako, Wasami, Kanta, and Maria Bell.

*Cats that could not be introduced on this page are also available on each product page.
Your profile is posted.
Please take a look to find out what kind of personality this cat has.

[Somegoro and his cheerful friends]


somegoro shopping banner

♂ 4 years old
Lives in the house of a kouta master in Azabu Juban.
Due to his good looks and bossy personality, he is extremely popular among the cats in the area.

He has a surprisingly lonely side, and always prefers to be with his friends.
I am obsessed with my favorite food, bonito flakes.


Pinkerton product page banner

♂ 3 years old
Lives in a university professor's house in Hiroo.
With a face and style that are different from Japanese cats , she is an idol among female cats.
There are also some untidy parts of the male...
She loves wine and cheese and enjoys the single life of a celebrity .


Jingoro product page banner

♂ 4 years old
Lives in the home of a joinery craftsman in Tanukiana-cho, Azabu.
In recent years, he has risen to prominence as Somegoro's right-hand man, but due to his bad drinking habits, he has not gained much trust.
I love salted fish and chicken ramen.
Currently, I have a crush on Koharu-san.

SakurakoSakurako product page banner

♀ 2 years old
She is the younger sister of Tamako, a watchmaker, and currently lives in a Japanese confectionery shop in the Azabu Juban shopping district.
At first glance, people tend to think of her as a quiet, young lady type, but in reality she has a fierce temper and hates losing.
Still, like her sister, she has good looks, so she is popular in the neighborhood.
There is no end to the number of male cats who approach each other.

Perhaps because it's my family's business, I prefer red bean paste to taiyaki rather than sea bream , but when it comes to taiyaki, I prefer the crunchy one without the red bean paste in the tail.


Wasami product page banner

♀ He is 5 years old and lives in the house of a sushi chef in Motoazabu.He may seem calm at first glance, but he is strong at heart.
Neighboring male cats say that if you lick it, it will hurt you.

The name comes from the fact that his emerald green eyes resemble the color of wasabi, but he actually doesn't like wasabi and can only eat sushi without wasabi.




Kanta product page banner

♂ 5 years old
He lives in the house of a certified public accountant in Kamiyacho with his old Shiba Inu.
Although she is usually fed high-quality cat food, she is actually an ordinary person who has no taste for whole dried sardines.
He has a gentle personality, doesn't talk much, and is not good at getting along with cats, but
♀The attendance rate for gatherings in the town to meet cats is surprisingly high.

[Lovely friends of Montmartre]


Maria product page banner

♀ At age 12, lives with a fortune teller called Montmartre's mother.
Because of his heavy body, he doesn't usually move around very actively, but he is a good talker and no cat will resist his poisonous tongue.
She worries about her body shape and sometimes tries to go on a diet, but her favorite food is the buttery croissants at the cafe in the plaza, so she has never had any results so far.


♀ 4 years old
He lives in a shoe store run by a popular female owner in the Biggar area.
A signboard cat loved by customers visiting the store.

Her blue eyes and gorgeous coat confuse the male cats in the neighborhood, but she hasn't heard any rumors about her until now, perhaps because she has no luck with men.
My favorite is cream puff and anchovy pizza.
Lately, I've been feeling a bit concerned about my sagging stomach.
Currently on a diet with dietary restrictions .

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