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Somegoro exclusive hoodie

Somegoro exclusive hoodie

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Care instructions

※please note※

Please do not wash the entire product in the washing machine, as the texture of the fabric will change, and the padding will become uneven or hardened, causing the product to lose its shape.

1: Daily care

We recommend brushing with a pet brush called a slicker brush.

Although some hair will come off, it can also be used to straighten tangled hair and remove small dust and dirt on the surface.
However, unlike real pets, stuffed animals do not grow new fur and cannot be replanted into the fabric, so please be careful not to brush too much.

2: If you are concerned about white fabric or stains

・Cleaning method using a neutral detergent Dilute the neutral detergent in your home with water, soak it in a sponge or cloth and pat the dirty part, or apply it to a toothbrush and gently rub the dirty part. Wipe with water and dry thoroughly in the shade.

・Cleaning with spray-type electrolyzed alkaline cleaning water It is also effective to spray the surface of the main unit and wipe it off with a dry cloth.

*In any case, if the water penetrates into the filling, it will take a considerable amount of time to dry completely, and as mentioned above, the filling will harden, so please only clean the surface.

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Product Details

Material: Cotton, polyester, genuine leather (metal fittings: aluminum)
weight: Approximately 81g
Producing area:   Japan

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A hoodie exclusively for Somegoro has been released, exclusive to Cuddly's official online shop.
*Please note that the cat stuffed toy is not included*

・Somegoro's exclusive hoodie hoodie is an original product planned and developed by Creative factory Hoshinoho.
Just like human clothes, they are carefully handmade.
On the chest, It comes with an embroidered patch inspired by Somegoro's favorite food, ``bonito flakes.''
The length is loose and the hood is large enough to fit your head.
It is smooth to put on and take off from the hard nose tip. Please enjoy its adorable appearance. (This is a size that can also be worn by Jingoro, Wasami, Kanta, Smile Kanta, Kinnosuke, and Nemuri Kinnosuke.)
The item will be wrapped and delivered with a certificate containing the shipping date and the designer's signature.
[Somegoro Profile]
♂ 4 years old
Lives in the house of a master of kouta in Azabu-Juban.He has good looks and a bossy personality.
He is extremely popular with the cats in the neighborhood, but has a surprisingly lonely side, and likes to be with his friends all the time.His favorite food, bonito flakes, has no interest in him.

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